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Best Phone Solutions


Phone Cards

Are you tired of phone card that says there is no "Connection fee, admin fee, hidden fee, minutes that you can not talk and moreover every 24 hours charges you 50 cent".


Now you can sign up with best phone and get per second billing, real time billing, with no fee at all no surprises, you can truck your calls and minutes through the internet, also you can recharge your account by credit card or Email Bank Transfer EBT(for Canadian Only), Please contact us with more information.


Home Service or PinLess

Best Phone offers Home Service or what we call Pinless, basically you will sign up with best phone and register your home phone number, mobile number and any number you wish to make a long distance call than every time you call our server you will have full access to your account without entering card number or so, it is very easy and convenience and more you can recharge by credit card.


CallBack Service

It is smart way to save money, wherever you are, it is easy more convenience and reliable way to call family, more than that you don't need internet just make a call from your mobile or land line.


Callback service allows a user to request the system to call to his/her phone number first so that the user can answer and dial destination number without having to connect through local telecom. In many cases the cost of connection from Best Phone system to user’s phone number will be cheaper than local operator’s rate, especially for international destinations.


Broadband Phone Service (Device Service)

We provide VoIP device service which means that if you have internet you can make cheap calls no matter where you are, North America or across the world, and Now even if you are in middle east, UAE or Yemen or any other countries that have restriction you can

have all features and DID number, meaning you could stay in UAE and still have multiple numbers, Canadian, USA and European numbers and enjoy with local calls.


The service not only provides high quality phone connections and own phone numbers but also it extends regular telephony functionality of a wide range of additional features including Call waiting, call conference, call forwarding, voicemail, and free calls between Best Phone clients (Device to Device). 


DID Number

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) is a feature offered by telephone companies, it is your local PSTN number obtained from local phone companies and forwarded by the administrators of the VoIP network, and assigned to a gateway or device in the VoIP network. The gateway or device will then route calls incoming from the PSTN across the IP network to the appropriate VoIP user, meaning you could be in Egypt or UAE and still have local number of USA, Canada, and most Europe number ring to your home. Now Best Phone can get you DID even if you are in UAE.


This solution also can benefit companies that have offices over the world, for example if you have office in Canada and have branch offices in USA, Europe Middle East, and Africa you can buy DID numbers to your branch offices and contact them all for free. 



Personal Computer PC, made the world smaller and more convenient way to communicate with your family and friend no matter where they are, by email, chatting, instant messege and video calls, but all these need two PCs; With PC2Phone or internet telephony you can make normal calls from you PC to regular and mobile phones and save money, Best Phone have two type of PC2Phone, normal and VPN PC2Phone with VPN you can make calls with restricted countries like UAE, Ethiopia etc.


Now Best Phone offers Voicemail, DID and Call forwarding to your PC Dialer please contact us to have these features on your PC2Phone dialer.


Call Shop

Do you own Internet Cafe or public Call-shop center, if the answer is yes then you need callshop software, it will give you access to monitor all the cabins and control them, moreover, you can connect to our server and save more money by using VoIP technology.

If you are in UAE or Ethiopia we can give you VPN callshop that works with Linksys 1, 2, 4, and 8 lines or other gateways, please contact us for more information.


Device to Device

If you are out of your country, than you know how much it cost you monthly by contacting your family or friends, but know you can contact them unlimited by signing up with Best Phone Device to Device Solution, we can also have PC to Device. Moreover you can add your solution one side DID and call your family unlimited from your mobile or local number.


This solution could save you a lot of money if you have business central office and branch offices over the world by setting up device in each office and communicate between offices for free, please contact us for more information.


Custom Solution

We also have custom solution meets for your needs or office, and also we can customize all the solution we mentioned above please contact us and tell us how you want it and we will provide the way you want it.