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Best Phone Basic Rate

You can find with Best Phone competitive rate, we work very hard to lower our rates with high quality voice, most of our route is direct and white route, we always update our rate, we recommend to our clients to check time to time to get the latest info and updates.


We also have Phone cards from $2, $5, $10.00, $20.00 and $100.00 you can use them as Calling card Pc2Phone, Gateway (IP_phone or Device phones), Mobile (communication mobile) and Gatekeeper.










Best Phone Termination Rate

Our termination department work very hard to get the lowest rate and the highest quality possible in the market and we offer 1/1 billing increment with high ASR, good ACD and best PDD.


If you have certain countries with volume committed please contact us we will give you even lower rate.









Best Phone Reseller Rate

If you want to start business with no cost you may want to think becoming Best Phone reseller, now Best Phone offers complete reseller module for free, you don't have to invest anything and you profit will start as soon as you make your first call, contact our sales department for more details, check reseller rate that we giving to our resellers and calculate yourself how much money you could make with no cost investment

PC2Phone Rate

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