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for Canadian only

Best Phone Payment Options


We accept major payments, Credit Card, Visa, Master Card, and American Express, all through PayPal the safer and easier way to pay online without exposing your credit card. We also accept Western Union, Wire Bank Transfer and Email Bank Transfer (for Canadian Institute only.)


When you have an account with us you don't need to contact our billing department to recharge your account, you can pay direct from your account by clicking Recharge on the web portal or always you can go www.newbestphone.ca/onlineshop with this facility you can recharge or even create new account anytime and anywhere.


We have Bank accounts in couple countries, so if you want to know if your country one of them please contact us so that you can deposit to our account directly. If you want to pay through Western Union please send us email and we will give you our Western Union account details through email. 

To Recharge your account Please follow these steps :

  • Choose amount.
  • Click Recharge
  • This will take you payment page
  • and then follow the prompt


Regarge Card


If you purchased recharge pin, after you click Recharge choose rechage pin and put the number then click recharge.