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Cleints Access.

All clients have access the web portal to see their balance, calls, payments and rate, also they can recharge online at anytime, anywhere.


1- To access your account please follow these steps:




2- To recharge your account


  • Login your account (follow step one)
  • Click on recharge and follow the prompt


3-  To see your rate


  • Login your account (follow step one)
  • Click on rate and see all your rate
  • To see custom country click Filter and write country name or country code



New Customer (Sign UP)

You can sign up Best Phone online it is very easy, you don't need to contact our support or agent just login www.newbestphone.ca/onlineshop and choose what service suites you, and then it will take you to payment site as soon as you make the payment, you are ready to access your account and even make calls.


if you have any dificulties please chat our online msn support support@newbestphone.com send us email

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