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SPECIAL RATE:… Somali Hormud: $0.2250, Ethiopia Mobile: $0.2307, Canada: $0.0054, USA: $0.0079 ….. and now use your smartphone…

VoIP With Best Phone Canada

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a general term for transmission technologies for delivery of voice communication over the internet (also referred to as Internet Telephony).


How Does It Work?
VoIP converts your analogue phone conversation into packets of digital data that are sent across the Internet (just like email or a web page), and then reassembles them into sound at the other end for a crisp, clear telephone experience.

Best Phone Offer

Best phone offers quality voice and low rate with variety solutions that suitable for all people from home service to enterprise and industrial service, we offer Call center, home service, calling card, DID numbers over 50 countries, Call-Back, Call-Shop, PC2Phone and more to see more info please go to Solutions or click here.


As the business of VoIP rabidly growing all over the world there was some issue or problems for some countries like ISP blockage for the VoIP service, thus, it became very hard to use those countries entire VoIP solutions, but good news Best Phone came up with solution that works with those counties, and you can use entire solution we mentioned above. That is right, now with Best Phone you can use Device, DID numbers, PC2Phone and call center with no restriction.

If you are in UAE, Yemen or Ethiopia contact us and we will grantee to provide you device that works; and USA, Canada, most European and Pakistan numbers ring right to your home in anywhere over the world for more info click here.